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DJ Sik Wit It Live By The Beat Mix EP 25

Inspired by DJs from the 80's and 90's DJ Sik Wit It's passion for music grew from love to a career. Transforming that passion into breathtaking sets of turntablism, crowd control and song selection has allowed DJ Sik Wit It to work in his current space. Dubbed "Yea That Black Guy That Spins Latin Music" by promoters and venues because of his vast knowledge of music and how it translates to the demographics of the listener. When DJ Sik Wit It is not somewhere rocking a venue he could be heard on the radio holding multiple residencies on stations across the country (106.3 FM Chicago, 105.9 FM Sacramento, 107.4 FM Miami, 89.5 FM St. Louis). Leaving radio was a tough choice but it was necessary to focus more on his sets, craft and music production. DJ Sik Wit It's music can be heard at almost any club or radio show. Producing and remixing for many artist(s) including D. Woods of Danity Kane. DJ Sik Wit It was recently awarded the Tim Morgan "All Style" award which is awarded to the DJ who possess the skill and knowledge to seamlessly play multiple genres in a set. Also voted Good Times Top 100 Party DJs. DJ Sik Wit It is a firm believer that it is the job of the DJ to introduce the listener to music they did not know they liked. Keeping this in mind DJ Sik Wit It constantly works on breaking new artist(s) be it in his sets or when he was on the radio. Remember "If the house is rocking: DJ Sik Wit It is in the house". 

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